Super Duper MINI Cooper II Christmas Edition

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Super Duper MINI Cooper II Christmas Edition is available from 01/12/2017 00:00 until 30/12/2017 23:59 GMT.
  2. Players who place any account limitation such as a cooling off period, temporary suspension or self-exclusion or currently have such an account limitation forfeit their right to win and will be disqualified.
  3. Buying tickets cost €1 and triggers 20 Tournament Spins on Ninja Master.
  4. Tickets can be bought directly with your balance or a deposit from the Super Duper MINI Cooper II Christmas Edition Tournament.
  5. There are no limits regarding the participation and players can buy as many tickets as they want.
  6. No refunds will be made for ticket cost purchased.
  7. 1 Free Ticket can be claimed once per day for every user who has deposited in the last 24hrs.
  8. 1 additional Free Ticket can be claimed on Fridays for every user who has deposited previously.
  9. Players who deposit solely to receive the free tickets without the intention of actually playing in the casino will be disqualified from the promotion.
  10. All Free Tickets can be claimed from the Daily Picks section only.
  11. No winnings can be gained from any Tournament Spins in the Super Duper MINI Cooper II Christmas Edition Tournament.The result of the tournament spins is solely to determine the position on the leaderboard.
  12. Prizes for the Super Duper MINI Cooper II Christmas Edition Tournament are:
    1st: MINI Cooper
    2nd: €2500 Cash
    3rd: €1500 Cash
    4th: €600 Cash
    5th: €400 Cash
    6th: 100 Mega Spins
    7th: 100 Mega Spins
    8th: 100 Mega Spins
    9th: 100 Mega Spins
    10th: 50 Mega Spins
    11th: 50 Mega Spins
    12th: 50 Mega Spins
    13th: 50 Mega Spins
    14th: 50 Mega Spins
    15th: 25 Mega Spins
    16th: 25 Mega Spins
    17th: 25 Mega Spins
    18th: 25 Mega Spins
    19th: 25 Mega Spins
    20th: 25 Mega Spins
  13. The exact model of the car is a MINI One 3-door hatchback 1.2l petrol engine with manual gear box and no extras.
  14. If the winner wishes to add any upgrades to the car, this can be arranged. The winner will have to cover the cost of these upgrades including gearbox changed to automatic.
  15. Possible colours for the MINI depend on availability: Moonwalk Grey, Pepper White, Chili Red, Volcanic Orange, Midnight Black, British Racing Green, Depp Blue, Blazing Red, Electric Blue, Melting Silver.
  16. The picture of the car is only for illustration purposes, it does not represent the actual prize.
  17. Winners can choose between the cash equivalent or the MINI Cooper.
  18. We reserve the right to purchase the car from a dealer of our choice.
  19. We reserve the right that in the event the car cannot be delivered to your country, a cash prize of € 10,000 or its equivalent value in other currencies will be credited.
  20. We are not responsible for any taxation fees such as license, insurance, registration fees, or other expenses associated with accepting, transporting, owning and driving the vehicle.
  21. We are not liable for any damages that may occur during transport, delivery and pick up of the car.
  22. By accepting the MINI Cooper, the winner agrees to give us full permission to use his/her name details, photograph and testimonial/statement regarding the win without limitation in offline and online publicity materials without payment or permission.
  23. All Free Spins won in the tournament will be given in the game Ninja Master.
  24. Mega spins have value €1.00 per spin.
  25. Mega Spins and cash prizes will be issued after the tournament finishes.
  26. At least 45 days need to be given to conclude the delivery of the MINI Cooper.
  27. MINI and BMW are not a participant in or a sponsor of this promotion.
  28. Tournament terms and conditions apply.
  29. Standard Bonus Terms Apply.

Tickets for the Super Duper MINI Cooper II Christmas Edition Tournament can either be bought for €1 or received for free. 1 Free Ticket can be claimed daily if a deposit is made in the last 24hours. 1 Free Ticket can be claimed every Friday if a deposit was made previously. No winnings can be gained from any Tournament Spins.Terms & Conditions apply. Read now.