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£1.5m progressive jackpot winner

We are excited to announce our newest Mega Casino millionaire! On 22 August 2018, Mega Casino user JH won a progressive jackpot worth 1515371.53 GBP (that’s over £1.5 million!) playing our Major Millions slots game!

£1.5m progressive jackpot winner

JH, who lives in the United Kingdom, was playing Major Millions on his mobile device when he experienced the most miraculous event of his entire life; after signing up for a Mega Casino account only a day earlier, he was now a millionaire!

After making an initial deposit of £1,500, JH tested his luck on one of our exciting progressive jackpot games. On his 454th spin, his life changed forever. As he watched the reels land in their spots, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Staring back at him were five “Major Millions” symbols, aligned perfectly along the last payline.

JH was so shocked by his newfound wealth that he contacted our support team multiple times, just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming! It was our pleasure to inform him that his jackpot winnings were very real.

The truth is, when you play progressive jackpot games, dreams can quickly become reality. Progressive jackpots are, by far, the most exciting online casino gaming experiences. Instead of a single, stationary jackpot prize, progressive jackpots grow by a predetermined amount with every single spin. The longer the jackpot goes unclaimed, the higher the prize becomes, creating a suspenseful and exhilarating experience that you won’t find anywhere else. With each passing spin, the game becomes more and more exciting.

With progressive jackpots, players have the potential to win truly life-altering payouts, just like JH’s £1.5 million win. JH won his million playing Major Millions, an explosively exciting game featuring 5 reels and 15 unique paylines, meaning there are 15 ways to win the jackpot with every single spin!

If it can happen to JH, it can happen to anyone – so try your luck now, all you have to do is play!

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